Photos from my first exhibition

Photos from my first exhibition

1618 artwork

Happy 10/10/10!!

Well after months of planning and countless hours painting, marketing, organising and painting I held my first exhibition on Friday 1st October at Plymouth Arts Centre, Batter Street Studio as part of Anon.Undiscovered, The evening was a great success with myself and five other Plymouth based artists, Illustrate, Bitsketchy, Sarah Watts, Robert Stillwell and TomPH all receiving an amazing amount of attention for their work.

To view all the photos from the exhibition, please visit the Anon.Undiscovered Facebook page

Myself and my co-creator Erica Ankers will be organising another exhibition for Spring 2011 so if you missed this one, stay in touch for the next event.

Photography kindly provided by Susie Stillwell.