Friday Fancies

Friday Fancies


Maybe I should call this weekly  post “Friday Fantasies” because that’s pretty much what I do when I start seeing great designs, photos and posts – my mind races off to wonderland where I’m able to maintain this site full time from a wonderfully natural sunlit studio with fresh flowers and bunting neatly decorating my creative habitat…

… unfortunately my reality is stuck in a corner of a room that serves as a library and clothes drying room, sat next to a puppy that has some serious internal digestive issues!!! Still I wouldn’t change it for the world (no really!).

Enjoy x

Favourite photos of the week:-

(I adore this picture)

252929_10150646601560398_612710397_18795041_3805893_n_large via WeHeartIt

1e014130593954c0434d797b0e40ab63_large via WeHeartIt

282160_146697175407174_128420430568182_284778_1568104_n_large via WeHeartIt


Best post this week:-

a cake party with friends: via Hello Friend – A CAKE PARTY!! – need I say more?


On my wish list:-

Eiffel Tower Hot Air Balloons PRINT by bonjourfrenchie via Etsy

Eiffel Tower Hot Air Balloons PRINT